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precision cnc machining china,machined metal parts china manufacturer


Kyfying Precision Metals Co.,Ltd is pride in making precision machining components that stand out when compared with the ones of other companies made. We are specializing in Precision Mirror EDM parts, Wire Cutting metal parts, CNC Machining metal parts and Precision Grinding components for easy and complex metal parts to prints. Kyfying precision metals can be your one stop shop for one single part to complex parts assembled. With great experience and technology, we can get the parts done right and on time delivery,


Kyfying precision metals provide a wide range of machining services using advanced technology including:


· Precision EDM

· CNC machining

· Wire EDM Cutting

· Precision grinding

· Assembly & Manual Machining



Capabilities of our EDM Machines:

With EDM process, we can create parts that are to the prints with fine and great surface condition. Our Sodick EDM Machine is is Sodick Motion Control (SMC) for optimal spart gaps. High- precisioning along all axes, High-speed machining without flushing, SQ mode polishing.


     · X/Y axis travel (mm) 300 x 200 

     · Z axis travel (mm) 250 

     · Machine table (W x D, mm) 600 x 400 

     · Dielectric level (min – max. mm) 100 bis 250 

     · Step resolution (mm) 0.0001  

     · Max. positioning speed (mm/s) 5.0 

     · Max. pulsation speed Z axis (m/min) 36 

     · Controlled axes 4



Capabilities of our CNC Wire Cutting Machines:

Wire cutting is a process where a brass wire is charged with electricity

 that erodes or cuts a path through a metal piece. This flexible and very accurate process can create parts simple or complex in design with great accuracy. At Kyfying, we have 4 Sodick Wire Cutting Mahines.


     · Wire diameters used from 0.10-0.30 (mm)

     · Accuracy (mm) 0.005 

     · X/Y/Z-axis Stroke (mm) 400 x 300 x250 

     · Taper angle (height of 80mm) ±20° 

     · Max. workpiece dimensions (mm) 590 x 450 x 250 




CNC Machining:

Kyfying operates the 24000 RPM high speed CNC Machine 

to perform multiple milling operations in one set up.

We routinely use AutoCAD to program from customers’ supplied files,after the drawing by our engineers and machined on our machines without discrepancies according to them. With CNC machining we make accurate high quality parts consistently and efficiently. At Kyfying, we have one high speed machine and two normal ones but with larger working stroke.


· When one job finished, programs will be saved so that same parts will conducted easily

· All our CNC Machines are with 3 axis capability

· High speed CNC Machine with Spain FAGOR High Speed CNC System

· CNC System Accuracy (mm) 0.001 

· Positional Accuracy (mm) +/-0.01



Grinding Workshop

Grinding can be used to produce very fine finished and extremely accurate dimensions, or to rapidly rough out large volumes of metal in mass production.


Surface grinding creates a flat surface using a rotating abrasive wheel to remove material. Surface grinding is normally used on cast iron and steel, but is also used to grind aluminum, stainless steel, brass.


At Kyfying, our grinding workshop is equipped 6 horizontal surface grinding machines.